Your Journey From KL To Penang Is Best If Taken By Bus

Travelling is the best thing with the help of which we learn a lot in life. A good travel not only gives you pleasurable experience but also teaches you a lot. There are a number of places that you can visit but one of the best is Penang from KL. It is best to travel by bus from KL to Penang. One of the most important reasons due to which you should opt for a bus is that there is a departure points that is located in Penang that is near Prangin Mall Komtar Georgetown. At this point you find all the best hotels, good food options, and various other attractions. Due to this departure is easy for the travelers. You can come to this place with two motives one you can enjoy a good outing and there after directly take a bus further. In this way you will be able to safe both your time and energy.

Another reason that makes the bus a better option is that in order to board the bus you have to come only 30 minutes before the time of departure which way less than in comparison to that of a flight that is usually 2 hours. There are a number of formalities that are involved before taking the flight that makes it compulsory to reach the air port two hours before. Giving in that much time is waste and also tiring.

And there is also no doubt in the fact that the travel by bus is much more comfortable you will get the option of reclining seat as per your comfort and the buses are also air conditioned that makes the travel easy and going. The best journey is the one that consumes the least possible time and energy with no compromise on the enjoyment. The travel by bus will also allow you to enjoy the view on the way. You can have a nice time by clicking pictures and chit chatting with family and friends on your way. Within no time you will reach your destination.