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Tips on How AutoSales Professionals can unleash the Power of Sales Value

The best strategy to counteract the effects of price sensitivity is to focus on the sale value. This phrase refers to a set of sales methods that emphasize value, not the actual price of a car. Although it may sound like semantics, the mental change created by this strategy is quite powerful.When the attention of a potential customer is fully focused on all the value they receive from the car, it is much easier for them to accept its price than if they were focused only on this factor throughout the process.

used cars in salinas

Since prices are such a powerful tactic, you can use this post to delve into several specific topics:

Understand what is best for them

If someone is looking at two cars in different price ranges, the lack of emphasis on cost means that they will almost certainly choose the cheaper of the two. And although people will do it because they think it is the best option, it is not always the case. Since a more expensive car can actually provide a higher cost, you must clearly convey this reality. Ways to do so may include an explanation that a more expensive car will reduce maintenance costs and also has newer safety features than others.

Increase trust and repeat business

One of the problems faced by mike’s auto sales in salinas professionals who have never used high value sales is that, while maximizing their profitability, this will lead to the expulsion of customers. If you have the same problem, you’ll be glad to know that it’s really the other way around. Because the sales values ​​really focus on what is best for the customer, making them understand that you really want to help them, will increase the confidence they have in you. And when a customer trusts you and, ultimately, is very satisfied with your purchase, it is almost guaranteed that one will work with you again in the future.

Perfect closing tool

Once you learn to use a sale of value, you will discover that it is a very effective tool for closing agreements. As long as a potential customer makes an inevitable reversal, they can still follow the path to closing, returning the focus of the conversation to the value they will receive.


As a car sales professional, you must get leads in a car that you know you really want. And while there may be many obstacles in this process, strategies such as sales value can help you overcome them and successfully close sales.