Power of music

There is one language that people can understand and possess irrespective of religion, language or anything, which is music. To be precise, even the animals can understand the music. An anonymous quote says, “Music is what feelings sound like” which sounds like a simple sentence but carries a very deeper meaning. Some confess music is a form of celebration which is ultimately debatable. Even street pianos   are organized by many firms for social awareness. You can participate in them to render your contribution. This is because; music is a way of life. Archeologists say, even cannibals had the music in their lifestyle.

Music has the ability to make up any worst part of time into a precious one. There is no such thing called good music or bad music. Music is an emotion. It’s a feeling. It’s not necessary for every human to like and understand other human’s feelings and emotion. If a human doesn’t like music, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad music. Still, that rhythm came out of some one’s emotion, joy and feel.

Music has the extreme ability to heal any sort of breakdowns. They say a good book is worth a thousand friends. But I would say a good music (the music which makes you turns up) is worth a million physiological councilors in the world. Even a newborn can understand the depth of the music. It’s more of a vibration that sounds. Even a deaf person can listen to the music. It doesn’t need any rocket science. It is kind of a vibration. All you need is just to feel it with higher acceptance.

Music turns any inhuman to human. There are so many real‐life incidents to go through which simply exemplify, music is nothing but life. It bursts your pressure. It melts your heart and mind. It increases your quality. It adds the value to your life. It eliminates the stress.

There are so many music therapy centers out there. They simply play music and earn money. This is because those people know the real worth of music. They know how much it means for the well‐being of a human being.

As Friedrich Nietzsche said, ”Without music, life would be a mistake.” These are some golden words aligned together to make a masterpiece statement about music. An isolated victim of a sea disaster has said after his rescue, that he saved his life from getting into the madness of suicide by making his own music. Music is what gives the meaning of your life. It gives the strength to live.