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Most Used Tips When Painting Your Nails DIY Style

Having nails done is a favorite among women. Women spend a lot of their time and money just to have their nails done once or twice a month. Most do not do it themselves for the lack of time as they complain it is one of the most time-consuming activities when it comes to grooming. In actuality, it does not have to be that way, especially if you know what you are doing. Take a look below at some of the most used tips on how to DIY your nail manicure job.

Invest In A Manicure Kit

Since you have decided to do your nails by yourself, invest in a proper kit to ensure that you are fully equipped to tackle the job. Do not buy cheap nail polish items and make sure that you source them from a reputable store and supplier like Manicuras, who are among the best when it comes to nail polish and nail art supplies. The quality of the materials that you are using will directly affect the end result. Using second rate and cheap material will not only look bad on the finished product but will actually and quite possibly harm you.

Use Them As Intended

Nail polish for applying the color, base coat for the base and top coat on the top. Make sure that you do not interchange them. Sometimes when rushing, one may use the base coat as the top coat and vice versa. Using the top coat as the base coat will not produce the same results especially in the adhesion of the nail polish. The base coat has properties that make sure the nail polish will stick to the nail polish as intended. The top coat has that glossiness that a base coat will simply not be able to replicate.

Prepare Your Nails, and Yourself

Make sure that you find a quiet spot and free from dust and other contaminants. For example, the kitchen is a bad place to do your nails as there are a lot of particles that could come onto your nails while it is still wet. Soak your hands for a few minutes in warm water as this will make your cuticles softer for pushing it into the desired shape. Never cut your cuticles as it can lead to an infection. The cuticle is there to protect you from fungus and bacteria. You would be better off just pushing it a little bit into your desired shape. Make sure you completely remove any old nail polish as well during this time. Preparation extends to making sure you have free time to do the entire procedure, a good couple of hours free should do it and give your nail polish enough time to cure and dry. A properly cured and dried nail polish will last longer than usual.

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The Three Stripe Rule

This pertains to the actual application of the paint onto your nail. First, dab a drop of paint on the top of your nail nearest the cuticle. Then, dap the paintbrush and drag it to the top in one stroke, dab it again and do the same on the right side of the nail, following the curve. Repeat the same procedure on the left side of the nail until it is fully covered. Repetition will perfect this method, leaving you with even and perfectly done nails all the time.

Dry It Out Faster

The faster your nail polish dries, the better off and the safer it would be from chips and cracks. One way to do this would be to dip the nails into a basin of ice cold water as this can help dry up the nails faster. Do not do any tasks yet for a few hours after to make sure it is completely dry.

 To Conclude

DOing your nail polishing on your own will give you that sense of achievement every time. Not only that but this can save you a ton of money and you will have more time on your hands for other things.