Know more about the different types of electronic circuit boards

If you are looking for designing and developing a low-level system from scratch for your electronic component or product, you need a hire an experienced team of PCB designers and electrical engineers to get the job done in the most efficient way. If you already have an existing electronic product that has become irrelevant, you need a complete makeover using the latest technologies and out of the box design to become relevant again and step ahead of your competitors. Softeq has the best team of experienced electrical designers and engineers who can provide electronic circuit board design and full cycle hardware development services in the best possible way.

Services Offered In Electronic Circuit Design –

Softeq has the experience of serving many international electronic components and product manufacturers and companies belonging to different industrial sectors when it comes to circuit designing, hardware development, verification, and support. You can avail services related to system architecture design, schematic design, PCB design, FPGA core design and programming, board manufacturing, verification, validation, testing and production support.

Different Types Of Circuit Design and Development –

When it comes to electronic circuit board design, it can be purely analog or digital and mixed. There are different components required for different types of requirements like high-speed SoC, SoM and SBC development requires multicore CPU, FPGA, DDR, CPLD, and eMMC. Similarly, for video streaming and processing based development will require CMOS image sensor, video encoder and decode. Wireless communication technologies are trending, and one needs to incorporate Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and for high-speed communication, one needs Ethernet, USB, HDMI, CSI and various such components to design and develop the circuit board. Only experienced experts can provide the optimal solution for the best performance of the component and device.

Schematic Diagram Service – Schematic diagram is the foundation of any circuit design, and a perfect schematic diagram makes it easy for the developers to understand and verify the entire system before proceeding towards circuit design and fabrication. It contains all the business logic, key functions and properties with all the specifications for complete fulfillment of the requirements.

PCB Design Service – After schematic diagram, electronic circuit board design comes into play, and it requires experienced designers and engineers to design a circuit that is highly efficient and cost-effective.

Modeling and Analysis Service – Modeling an electronic part or circuit as a whole helps in understand complex processes and detecting flaws like signal loss, overheating, power dissipation and accordingly, steps can be taken to modify, verify and finalize before putting the hardware into large-scale production.

Softeq’s designers and engineers have a wide range of skills as per industrial standards to work on all requirements and technologies for various sectors.