Free Proxy Server – Get Complete Details Here

When you make use of the free proxy server, this works like the hub between your browser and target website. Besides handling requests, the tool meets several other purposes such as bypassing the security systems, anonymous browsing and domain responses. Given are a few benefits of the proxy server.

Anonymous browsing

Like said earlier, the proxy servers provide many benefits. One is to keep you hidden from all the external networks, and making the network anonymous. With this your network is protected and you will browse internet with no fear of any attack from the hackers or other threats.   As your network is totally non-accessible from any other networks, your computer is protected against the attacks from scammers, hackers and spammers.


Geo-Location Testing

Today, several sites use geo-location technology to customize their web content as well as direct the visitors on the right pages. It can be done by detecting your visitors’ location. As per the recent trends, the local content gains huge popularity among the internet communities. Implementing such technology is simple as many free and paid services and APIs are there today. With help of the free proxy servers, you may test and implement this geo-location feature. You may benefit from the free proxy services, however choosing the paid service will always be better choice. After all, you might not have to risk on your important business information.


The educational institutes give an access to a few websites daily. Whenever any web content goes on the ISP filter, you may set your browser to use “another proxy server” for bypassing this ISP proxy.


Where proxy servers are been concerned, the servers provide web content in the efficient way. Furthermore, this tool makes this faster to access the websites and the documents as the server looks on the cache for the previous downloaded results, like graphical content and pictures. Thus, performance is highly increased.

Filter Requests

One more role of the proxy server is filtering the requests and data from the other web sites. For example, big organizations make use of servers to ensure that internet usage adheres on to the usage plan in that area. Apart from that, it is also possible to allow authentication to help the web masters to control content delivered.

With the free proxy server, you may allow specific hosts to avoid. Purpose is blocking and preventing some websites that show the material that isn’t wanted.