Cadillac, a great car with low sales record

Everything about Cadillac is beautiful. It has a sleek elegant design that wows in spite of being a big car.  It sports beautiful colors and has the show-off power of a luxury car. Even Cadillac parts supplier in Spartanburg sc recommend the car for its durability and parts quality.  The car is rated as high-quality and high-performance, but somehow its sales just fail to match its quality

Some of the cool high tech features of this car’s latest model are as follows-

1- Highly digitalized

The Cadillac makers have done something amazing with everything in the car. The dashboard, instrument panel and everything has been turned into a screen. Even the heads up display shows the relevant information you would need to drive well.

2- Complete entertainment

The car is covered in high tech entertainment featuring tripe DVD players that have separate screens. A system of wireless headphones is set up at the front to allow those seated in front to have their own fun time.

3- Safe and secure

The care offers a safe and secure interior. It is easy to handle and is featured with a 360-degree camera to give you an all-around view. The car gives out alerts and warning and also has great tech to help keep you going straight ahead.

4- An inbuilt cooler

There is a cooler in the center to store your cold stuffs for a long drive. You can store all your cold drinks and bottled water for the way without having to stop on the way. Its a great thing when you have children too and they can store their own stuff.

5- Massager

The front chairs are equipped with a massager to help you relax on the way. The massager has three settings on it, rolling, kneading and fatigue buster. It’s a great way to relax on your rides, only make sure you don’t use it while driving because the relaxation might make you doze off.

Overall, the latest Cadillac is a great experience even though its sales didn’t take off. Cadillac is a great option if you want an affordable luxury car. In addition, Cadillac parts are readily available. You can contact Cadillac parts supplier in Spartanburg sc to get the most authentic Cadillac parts.